About Öde Studio

Smell is the sense linked closest to memory. We want our candles to transport people back to precious past times, or forward into their future hopes and dreams.

Candles are often used during times of vulnerability and openness. To relax, to slip into a new mood, to signify the beginning or the end, to celebrate, to share. We want our products to be effortlessly reached for, throughout all of life's occasions.

An Öde to a tapestry of experiences and the power of daily ritual.

About the Artist

Julian Jones

Julian Jones is an artist based in Melbourne. He spends part of this time in the city, where he lives with his ceramicist partner, their cats and daughters... and part of it in Kennett River, walking, surfing, collecting, and reflecting on the symbols and contradictions of each.

Taking inspiration from the Otway ranges and oceans of Victoria's west coast, he translates impressions of his environment into expressive, abstract paintings, that gesture towards an emotional kind of knowing. These, he hopes, might inspire a misplaced respect for nature; its textural beauty and complexities. 


Timeless by Design

Our scents have been created with longevity in mind. We’ve carefully blending the perfect notes, to be enjoyed, endlessly. Trends are ever changing, ODE scents will always be inspired by our collective eternal memories.